Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Ghost of Destructo Baby

When Anne was a new toddler she was our "destruco baby". She liked to destroy whatever she could. Jamie is much the same. Our boy loves to destroy books. He likes to actually eat them. Not just chew on them but ingest them...I've found them, after their journey, in his diaper...he also likes to rip board books apart. You know, board books. The books specifically made for babies so they can be rough with them and they won't get destroyed. Yeah, he not only rips them apart but he manages to peel the picture away from the cardboard. He's pretty talented.

Today while I was on the computer I realized it was quiet and had been for several minutes. So I crept into Jamie's room and discovered this:
But what really struck me was how similar this scene was to one I caught Anne doing when she was the same age. And when I went back and looked for the picture, I discovered Anne did this nearly to the day that Jamie did-she was 5 days short of being 15 months and Jamie is 9 days short. Amazing.
I love my little destructo babies.


Nicki said...

LOL! That really is a coincedence! Maybe they planned it out in telepathy!

Nicole said...

It's also funny that they're both in red.

Shellie said...