Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Destructo Baby

One of our many nicknames for Anne is Destructo Baby. We have called her this since she could move about. Like most babies, she loves to throw, pull, destroy and mess up everything and anything she can. Here's some examples of why exactly we call her Destructo Baby.

She looks sweet, but underneath that innocent gaze...

...A monster awaits

Caught in the act

Wanna play Mama?


katbac said...

HA! isnt it hilarious when they cause trouble? i really have a hard time not laughing when charlotte eats my plant everyday, but also know that is not the most effective response. so funny!
ps-yes, you can add my blog to your little list :)

Heather said...

They do get into things! That little rascal. ;-)

The tissue box was always one of Juliette's favorites. Do you remember that I made her her own tissue box with fabric scraps in it?

Kelly Brooke Fugate said...

Yeah, I borrowed Heather's idea with the fabric scraps and Elanor just loved it!

Nicole said...

So this is what you girls do on your days off!! :)
Anne looks so tan!

Erica said...

Priceless! So, why is it that they can't stay away from tissues, wipes and toilet paper?? Even Julie, at age 3, will empty a container of wipes if she gets the chance. I think Melody and Anne are definitely kindred spirits with their sleeping patterns and their tendencies for destruction. We'll treasure these things one day, right?!