Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anne'cdotes in prayer

Anne has been having a reeeeally hard time listening and thinking ahead lately. By 11:30 am today she had already done at least 5 things that were just plain unthoughtful-dropping her breakfast plate on the floor and leaving it there, kicking her brother's sippy cup into the mud while playing outside, finally the straw that broke my back was her dropping something, it hitting me on the head and her laughing. She got sent to her bed so I could finish what I was doing and calm down. A few minutes later I went upstairs and did what I do best-lectured her. I told her she needed to start thinking more about what she was doing and start obeying mommy better. She apologized and we hugged and then I told her I thought we should pray and ask God to help her obey better. She agreed. I went first:

"Dear God, thank You so much for Anne. I love her so much. She is such a great girl and I am so glad I am her mommy. Please help her to start obeying mommy better and help her to think about things that she is doing. Amen."

Anne: "Dear God. Please help mommy to not yell and stuff. Please help mommy not give me time-outs."

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