Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updates of the Buddy Boy Type

Jamie is getting so big so fast and growing so much that even though I am convinced I will remember every moment of this time I know I won't...lately he's been learning lots and lots of new things...I love them all...
-He's still not walking but can take up to 6 steps in a row. I think he just doesn't get it. He can do it but I think he just doesn't realize walking is a form of forward motion and a good one at that. He can also stand really well and just recently he can stand, squat without his butt touching the ground and stand back up again. He's gonna have quads the size of trees I tell you.
-Jamie has started pointing at things. I love it. He babbles and makes the funniest noises and then points at stuff.
-He has started to let us know what he wants through whining and complaining. This, I know from experience is not only going to get really old really quick but it will also last a really long time. However, right now it's amazing that he's communicating with us this way. If we take something away that he wants he whines about it. If he wants something he'll lunge toward it, pointing at it while whining. I love it. I love to start to see my little guy's brain work and after a full year know some of what he's thinking.
-I have never been one to give undue accomplishments to my kids. I think Anne could say about 8 words before I finally admitted it. Jamie, I am sure, can say about 4 words. He says dog (da), kitty (kee), hi (i), and just tonight he pointed at the animals on his wall paper, the ones we say "night night" to every night and waved while saying "na, na". So he can say "night, night" as well. John is convinced he says "dada" in response to him but I don't buy it yet. Besides being able to say a few words, he definitely recognizes the people in his family, pets included. If we ask where someone is he'll look directly at them, first try.
-Jamie has started getting attached to his puppy. We bought him a similar security as Anne's Ducky (if you don't know who Ducky is you probably don't know Anne well) and I thought he might not get attached to it. But recently when he wakes up in the morning and we take him out of his crib, he lunges for puppy while whining and stops whining when we give it to him. He also dropped it out of his crib the other day and was crying for it. When I finally went into investigate, he was pointing to puppy on the floor and when I gave it back to him, he quieted right down.

So those are some fun things Jamie is doing right now. As always I'm amazed by how they grow and change in such a short time.


Unknown said...

April, I can totally relate to the grunting and complaining getting old really quick. Even though we have never met, we live quite similar lives with our kids!
-Carrie Katai

The Hardys said...

Yeah, how do you know each other????