Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well, it's March and I am probably one of the incredibly few who is still keeping up with my resolutions! This is really no pat on the back to me because for the most part my resolutions were incredibly attainable, thanks to my love of cooking and my type-A personality that actually schedules on the calendar times to take my children out. Hey, it totally works for us! Last week we went to the Children's Museum in Naperville, which believe it or not, was a huge step for me.

Some moms might struggle with making dinner every night or doing crafts with their kids, I struggle with going out to places (non-playdate) and playing with my kids there. So it has been really good to stretch ourselves these past 2 months. One thing I have realized is that taking the kids out, or even spending time with them in general, will be much easier once Jamie is able to interact, understand and walk! (You try playing outside in the cold, muddy grass with a baby who can only crawl!) I am confident that, although he won't be there completely for maybe several years, he will be there enough this summer that the 3 of us will have lots of fun times. Already, with the goal of living more in the moment this year, we have gone on walks and played out in front, taking advantage of the warm (to us Chicagoans!) days.
Today we are heading out to the zoo and I'm hoping later this week, with the arrival of 60 degree weather, we will get in a few more outside play times and walks. Next week I think we are going to try and head out to a new children's museum near me. It has been a good year so far.

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