Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Year!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet boy! Happy Birthday to my boy who in nearly the same moment can be the happiest guy and the most fussy. Happy Birthday to my boy who is an active little guy-who loves to crawl around and explore and is most happiest in new places where he can crawl around and find new things to his heart's content. Happy Birthday to my guy who has surprised me that he is not walking yet-after all he perfected crawling, sitting and standing by 7 months so early walking should have been a given... Happy Birthday to my boy who (I think) can say "dog" and "cat". Happy Birthday to my boy who is just right-21.5lbs and 30 inches tall, right in the middle. Happy Birthday to my boy who still loves his Mama more than anyone on the planet, who in the midst of being fussy or overtired or exploring still has time to nurse. Happy Birthday to the boy who made our little family of 3 a family of 4; who made us a true family. Happy Birthday to my boy who gave us the desire for a number 3 baby (who does not exist yet in any way!). Happy Birthday to my boy who is becoming our first born's playmate, who crawls after her, plays with her toys, pulls her hair and pinches her, yet she is still big enough to push you down and take things away...for now. Happy Birthday to the boy whom everyone seems to love-whom everyone seems to have a positive thing to say about, and whom we, of course, adore with all our heart. We love you Buddy and can't believe only one short year ago our lives were incomplete without you and yet we didn't know. We can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with you and every day in between.

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Erica said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie! How is it possible that a whole year has gone by? Where is that tiny baby that you were, and who is that big boy sitting on the chair? Many wishes for a wonderful year ahead!