Thursday, September 10, 2009


Can you see it? What great days we've been having is not only Anne's first day of preschool but Jamie's first tooth is poking through!


Shellie said...

Jamie you are growing up too fast! Silly little boy, you don't need any teeth yet! Let them know that they don't need to come in anymore for at least a few more month... lol

goofy-grandma said...

Look at that tooth...Wow. He is getting bigger and older so fast! I wish that I wasn't missing these formative years.
And Anne...first day of preschool. Is this with a private school or what? Oh my's all happening so fast...too fast! About 80% of my time is spent at home...alone.........I'm missing my parents, whome I rearely see, and I'm missing you, Joh, and you, April, and my two precious grandchildren, whom I have got to move to Kansas and soon, so that We can get together, as family, and share in each other's lives. I hate not being able to!

splinters and wholeness said...

are there eyes bigger than that?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's Little Attie!!!!! SO cute!!!

~Kelly F.