Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Preschool!

Today was Anne's first day of preschool! It was, what it seems every other 3 and 4 year old had, a "half" day (which means half an hour!) where the parents stayed, got a few more specific instructions from teachers (kids should wear sneakers, here's papers, etc.) and the kids got to play and get to know the classroom. Anne took it all in stride, which she always does, neither loving it extremely nor hating it, just took it for what it was. Tomorrow I think will be a better day because it is a true school day with circle time, outside play, and snacks. Here are some pictures of my little girl, who amazingly, is now old enough to go to school!

The official "first day of school" shot

Playing with a mailbox-which was very cool because I just made her a mailbox/mailman game at home, so this was fun for her.

Playing with playdough.

Where the buddy boy hung out the entire time.

More playdough.

Playing with the doll house-this was right after I got back from talking with the other teachers in a separate room.

Clean up time!
And ice cream afterwards-to celebrate this very special day. (Anne thanks you Farrah!) I think the ice cream thing should be a tradition, what do you think? Next year Buddy Boy will certainly enjoy it more than he did this year! Although he did get to chew on my spoon, which even though I thought there was nothing on it, apparently had some sort of taste because he wouldn't get it out of his mouth and cried when I took it away!

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Shellie said...

Congrats Anne!