Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Today we went to the Arboretum. I must admit, I have not been a fan of the Arboretum. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because I think it's overrated. I have heard so much this summer about how fun the Children's Garden is and when I've been there my reaction is "Eh". For me, for something to garner rave reviews like that, it needs to keep my 3 year old's attention for at least an hour. The Children's Garden hasn't done that.

Today, however, we had a great time there. We were meeting a friend who, Providentially, was an hour late. So Anne, Jamie and I took a walk around the lake. It was so fun showing Anne the different trees and plants, and teaching her how to pretend with them. Hugging a tree and pretending she had turned into one, pretending trees in a grove might be mommies and daddies and siblings, and that when we walked into a shady part, where you couldn't see the sun, that maybe it was a secret hideout. Anne caught on and had quite a fun time on our little walk. Later my friend arrived and we went to the children's garden. It was much more fun this time, probably because hardly anyone was there! It was so lovely to actually be able to see the exhibits instead of outlines of them because they were covered in with little people. The one exhibit where I had the most fun was a little wishing pond, where there were rocks that you could pick up and toss in. I had so much fun because for the first time, Jamie was actually, truly able to participate in something. I held him so he could dip his feet in the water, he was able to grab the water squirting out of frogs' mouths and he was even able to stand and look at the water while holding on to the wall.

I am so grateful for our time today. It certainly changed my idea of the Arboretum and maybe, just maybe, next time I'm there, we might be getting a membership!

Anne loved this water pump and would have played with it for quite awhile had I let her.

She also loved this little furniture.

Jamie with his little baby feet and toes in the water.

Grabbing the water.

Hiding places.

Hugging a tree-maybe she will become one (as a poem on the path suggested) if she stayed there long enough.


Nicole said...

I went recently with my goddaughter and we LOVED it! What a cool place! I was skeptical since I had heard a couple times that you were not impressed, but I really liked it! Great pictures!

Erica said...

My girls love all the climbing things. Have you gone to the rope bridge thingies up in the trees? J and M can do that over and over again forever! They also like the water activities. I'm glad you had a better time this time around!