Saturday, September 19, 2009

Teaching morality, faith and other invisibles

Today I was driving with Anne and after being stopped at the light for 2 turns of the light, we missed our chance to go through yet again. All because the first lady at the light didn't realize she was missing her turn. As the second light turned from green to yellow, she still wasn't making an effort to go and people started honking. Like a good citizen (sarcasm here), I joined in. As she finally pulled out and took her turn, I sighed something like "It's about time stupid". I admit, I am not the nicest driver. I obey the laws and I try to be considerate but in the privacy of my car, I criticize and call names. As I said this, unheard, to the lady, Anne said from the backseat "Stupid is a bad word Mommy." Oh how right she is. As I smothered a smile and a laugh I said in all seriousness "Yes it is Anne. Thank you for telling me. Mommy's sorry."

But it made me think. Anne is now 3-nearly 3 and a half-and she understands so much. Gone are the days of uncensorship-of what we say, what we do, what we watch, what we listen to. Often we are in a conversation and Anne asks "What are you talking about?" and we have to explain to her. So it made me think, yet again, how do I explain things to her? How do I explain God and death and most importantly, what Christ's death means to me and John and hopefully one day to her? How do I explain sin and forgiveness? I know there are books and answers out there, just waiting for me to find them and this is less a real question and more a pondering. When did my daughter get old enough to need these things explained to her and how exactly do I simplify my faith and understanding of living it out in this world to her? These are deep questions I find myself thinking lately.

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