Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Half a Year Old

Buddy boy is 6 months old now-as of last Thursday. He just had his check up and is 15lbs, 9oz and 27 inches long. The doctor said everything seems well-he is a good size and seems to be growing well. He is into a lot of things these days. He's on the cusp of crawling-can get up on hands and knees, rock back and forth and the other day started moving his legs forward. He has yet to figure out to move his hands so forward motion is stalled...for now. I am sure by 7 months he will be a true crawler. I'm excited to see it, but I know it means the end of laying him down and walking away, which I'm not looking forward to. Jamie is also eating quite a bit these days. He has had oatmeal cereal, apples, bananas, avocados, pears, and green beans. I'm hoping to try some rice, peas, and carrots in the next few weeks. He loves his food and actively makes it known he likes it. He will pull our hands toward him when offering food, holding on with a steel grip! It is pretty cute to see his emergent personality. Jamie is still pretty dependent on Mommy-lets me know quite often that he would rather be held than laid on the floor or put in his exersaucer. I can get about 15 minutes out of him before he is fussing to be picked up. 15 minutes more and he's crying. Anne can distract him to a bit, but eventually he needs just me, just to be picked up. We discovered, as I've blogged, that he loves, loves, loves to be carried in the carriers, so I've been making use of those quite a bit more lately. He sleeps great at night, but as of late naps are a bit hard. He can only fall asleep in his crib, for the most part. If he does fall asleep in a carrier or the car, he only sleeps about 20 minutes and then is awake. It makes outings and life hard, but we go with the flow. We all compromise. Sometimes it means a nap is late by hours, sometimes it means we don't get to go out. And I think it's good for everyone that no one gets their way all the time. Fortunately, see above comments, he is very pacified by the carrier and even if a nap is missed by hours, if he's in the carrier he will not make a sound and be perfectly content in there.

When we had Anne, it was years, literally years, before we could forget the days without her. Even still sometimes we look at each other and say, "Remember when it was just us....?" and sigh, wishing we could have a day or two back of that. With Jamie, from day one we haven't remembered life before him. He is fit so perfectly into our family. He was meant to be here, we were meant to have a second child, I love knowing that and feeling how perfectly the puzzle piece of our family have aligned since he got here. There are times when I remember how easy (yes easy!) life with one kid was before him and I wish I could have a few hours back with just one, but for the most part we soak up Jamie being with us.

I cannot believe my little Buddy Boy is 6 months old, embarking on being an older baby. We are excited to see what the next 6 months hold, but also excited to hold him here right where he is.

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