Monday, August 17, 2009

Once again...

I am amazed at the sling coming to the rescue. I have worn Jamie 3 or 4 times the past few days during his "witching hour". During a time when errands or chores needed to be run and Jamie, without a sling, would not doubt be crying his eyes out or fussing like there was no tomorrow. Every single time I have worn him these past times, he has made not a peep. Not a whimper, not a fuss, not a single sound has escaped his lips during hour long wearing sessions when otherwise, normally, he would be a wreck-vocalizing as loudly as he could that he was not happy. And oh how I love to know that it is me that is comforting him. Yes the sling holding him close is helping quite a bit, but in the end, it is me, his mama, who is making him happy. He is content, even during the hardest part of his day, to be snuggled close to his mama-that is what makes him happiest. Ah, my little mama's boy, how I love and adore you sweet little boy. Chubby cheeks, double chin, face that is so kissable. I love you.

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