Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Baby's Food-Bananas and Green Beans

My cost to make Bananas:

$.66 for 16oz of made pureed bananas=$.04 an oz
Gerber Stage 2 (pure) Bananas:$.23 an oz
Beechnut Stage 2 (pure) Bananas:$.21 an oz

My cost to make Green Beans:
$.99 for 16oz of made pureed green beans=$.06 an oz (I actually bought the more expensive green beans this time out of convenience-I probably could have made 5oz more for the same price had I shopped around a bit more making it only 5 cents an oz.)
Gerber Stage 2 (pure) green beans:$.23 an oz
Beechnut Stage 2 (pure) green beans:$.32 an oz

In all cases I tried to find the most economical price to compare it to, which is why I choose stage 2 glass jars as opposed to stage one or the plastic containers Gerber has. The stage 2 is the most economical option.

Each case it only took about 10 minutes to make everything. So for a savings of about 8x, I think it was worth it...what does Jamie think?

I think he'd rather pass on the green beans...

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