Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tonight around 5:30 or so, while I was on the phone with John, Anne said to me "Mommy, I'm hungry." Since dinner was pretty easy of heating up pasta and throwing some sauce on it, I jumped up and got it going. The water was boiling, pasta was cooking, and I was cutting up veggies to throw in and I told Anne that dinner would be ready in a few minutes. Anne said she wasn't hungry. I sort of took it in stride until I realized that she had told me, about 15 minutes before that she was hungry. I told her this and she said "I was just pretending I was hungry." Well, sorry girl, you're gonna eat anyway....

Then during dinner, Anne had nicely set out a plate of plastic strawberries and an empty cup for me. While we were eating, she pointed out that she had made me dinner. I pretended to eat the strawberry and drink my drink, to which I commented "Mmmm! This is good milk!" Anne said "It's not milk, it's's like milk, but it's juice." (And the kicker to that, is I say that to her all the time whenever she incorrectly names something-"Oh, it's like a lion, but it's a tiger...,etc")

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