Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What she thinks about when she wakes up

Do you remember being a teenager and your parents saying to you "Do you think we wake up in the morning wondering how to make your life miserable?" Well, I'm pretty sure that my daughter does indeed think about this when she wakes up. Remember the laundry post a few weeks ago? About how my life is a beautiful chaotic mess right now? Well just because I left an opened box of Kleenex in her room-meaning instead to take it downstairs but the baby needed a diaper change and was crying-and some glue on her table-from an art project for her cousin's birthday this weekend-does not mean while I am (ironically) folding laundry downstairs while having a snack after having just fed said baby she can pull out half the box of Kleenex, neatly lay each tissue on the floor and saturate each one with glue. Yeah, little did John and I know that when we called her "destructo baby" at 11 months old how true that nickname was...

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