Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home Birth

Since I was pregnant with Jamie, Anne loves to pretend she has a baby in her tummy too. Today she had twins and while she was trying to put them in her shirt, one of them started to fall out, feet first and I had the hilarious idea that she was having her twins at home, but breached. Enjoy this humorous photo array.

As the first twin starts to come out, we realize it is a footling breech! Anne handles the situation with ease-and yes a smile on her face!

Without panicking, the first baby is born safe and healthy-Anne checks on her baby before the urge to push the second twin out comes.

With the first baby safe and resting on the floor, the second baby starts to be born. Oh my goodness! What are the chances? The second baby is also a footling breech! Being an old pro at this, Anne handles this one with the same ease as its sibling.

A safe and healthy birth for the second baby. Can you believe it?!? Not one, but two babies born at home and both are footling breech. I can't believe it!

Anne rejoices in the birth of her babies!

Kisses for both!

Off to take care of them and introduce them to the world!

Hope that gave you a smile and a chuckle!

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Nicole said...

Glad that everything turned out okay! Love the outfit!