Wednesday, July 08, 2009

4 month old boy

Jamie turned 4 months old a week ago. He weights 13 lbs 9 oz for about a 6lb weight gain since birth (if you start from the place where he was when he lost his initial birth weight). He is almost 25 inches for a total of 4 inches gained. He is doing great. Our doctor said we shouldn't change a thing! Jamie has not started solids yet and we hope to hold off til about 6 months (which is when the doctor recommended too). My boy is starting to be quite the fuss bucket so most evenings during dinner I wind up holding him on my lap instead of him sitting nicely in his bouncer. So because of that, Jamie has had tastes of watermelon, honeydew, and even a bit of potato and carrot. I want to make sure these keep being tastes only because I really do want to hold off til 6 months for solids. In other developments with him, he is doing great with his gross motor skills-he is way ahead in being able to roll over, push up on his tummy, hold his head steady, bear weight on his legs, and he can even balance in a sit for a second or two (with him bent so far forward his tummy is practically on the ground...still pretty impressive for a 4 month old.). In other areas, he seems to be developing on target. I'm very interested to see what impact being a second child will have on his development-will he do things earlier so he can keep up with his sister? I guess we'll see. I think what sums up the past 4 months with him nicely is that one day I was holding him and smiling at him and turned to John and asked "Do you think our life is better because Jamie is in it?" And without hesitating John said "Yes". I agree.

A picture I took today-our 4 month old boy.

Anne loves going to wake Jamie from his afternoon nap and climbing in the crib with him. She thinks it's a hoot.

Jamie and Ducky just hanging out in the bouncers.

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Shellie said...

I really like the shot of Jamie with Ducky. Look how much bigger and cleaner Jamie is! Very cute:)