Sunday, June 14, 2009

Misunderstood...or just unclear

I think that my post-2 below-was misunderstood. Or better yet and more accurate, I was unclear. Not in a bad way, no one was harmed in the misunderstanding of the post, but it wasn't about dirty, clean or folded laundry at all. It was about my life now that Jamie is here. How before he came everything was neat and packaged and orderly and I had everything fitting into perfect little boxes. Now that he's here that's all gone. I still get everything to fit into boxes (again, this is figurative-I don't mean actual boxes), but sometimes it's not as neat, not as timely, not as perfect. Jamie has thrown us into ordered chaos. He has challenged us-me-and my views of life and how I see my world. I used to pride myself on how together my daughter was-how all her clothes matched, and were clean, and her hair was done perfectly with little bows. Now there are many days when we get to our morning destination and I realize that I haven't combed her hair today...or to think of it yesterday either. She wears her clothes 2 days in a row now to save time on (ironically) laundry-if I can't see something or smell it-it's clean. Jamie, poor boy, has had a bath less than a dozen times (and that is generous) and he's 15 weeks old. He smells like my milk and I love it. My perfect little world that I created so diligently for myself has taken a tumble...but like my baby boy's smelly face and hands, I love it. I love what Jamie has created for us. I love that he has challenged my way of thinking, doing, being, living...I love that he has brought to light what is important, shoved out what is not, and made me be able to tightrope walk more efficiently. How blessed I am to have baskets of folded laundry sitting waiting to be put away, piles of dirty laundry waiting to be washed, and a load of laundry just a few hours away from molding, waiting to be dried. Thank you Jamie. Thank you God.

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Shellie said...

Metaphor or not, the Shout Advanced works great for all the messes kids get on clothes! All of Andrina's still look like new, it's great!