Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy Times

Our life has been a whirlwind since Jamie was born. Lots and lots of different things going on-as soon as life started to settle down from all the appointments post birth (in the course of 7 or 8 weeks after he was born, we had 8-9 different doctor appointments! Wow!), summer started and our activities ramped up! Here's a few things we've been doing:

Anne had her 3 year old birthday party, which I never got a chance to blog about. We had it at a gymnastics facility and everyone had a really great time. We got lots and lots of compliments. As much fun as we had, it sort of struck John and I that Anne would have been just as happy sitting at home with 3 or 4 friends doing crafts and eating ice cream than at gymnastics with 12 kids playing for almost $300. So next year are are scaling the parties waaaay back to just a few select, close friends and doing something much more low key. Still, Anne had a great time and really enjoyed herself-especially getting to be with her friends.

Auntie Reenie, who visits frequently, got to take some pictures with the kiddos. It's so cute to see her with two of her three nieces/nephews. Wow! That's a lot of nieces and nephews Reenie!

A few weeks ago we all went fishing with our church for a Family Fishing Day. It was very very relaxing and John and I discovered we are both fans of fishing! (John already knew he was but we both discovered I was too.) John caught one fish, of course while I was in the bathroom with Anne, so it was very uneventful, but we hope some Saturday morning to drop the kiddos off with friends and have a morning of fishing, just the two of us.

Daddy took a day off last week and we all went to the Arboretum. Although neither Anne, nor I, are as thrilled and excited about the Arboretum as it seems everyone else is, we had a great time. We all especially loved the Animal Houses. Once again, John and I have decided we need to take the kiddos to a friend's house and have a date day at the Arboretum-maybe in early fall when it cools off a bit.
You'll notice my pictures are devoid of pool pictures-that's because we have yet to make it to a pool! (Except one lone time in Auntie Shellie's pool.) There's a number of reasons for this, but mainly it is hard to trek the kids out to the pool, it's a bit too hot out for Jamie and a bit too cool in the pool, and mainly-(how this happened I'll never know) my daughter is not a water girl. Since she was old enough to go in pools and sprinklers, she has always opted for simply playing outside with the sprinkler and/or pool sitting, alone, by itself without a child in it. Sigh....I keep hoping maybe one of these days she'll change her mind on that.
So that's what we've been up to the past few weeks. How about you? Has your summer ramped up yet?

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