Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm pretty sure this is abnormal...

Anne LOVES to lock herself into small spaces...closests, bathrooms, small rooms, any place with a door, she loves to close it and be "locked in" alone. So John and I, of course-hehe, let her do this. We figure things are baby proofed so if it buys us a few minutes of alone time, so be it. (This also fits into our parenting philosophy of "Whatever makes her happy"...but that's another blog...) Anyway, today she tried to go into her closet and shut the door. I told her no, because I knew she would just mess everything up. I gave her the choice of going into my closet or the guest bathroom. She choose the guest bathroom. So in she went, shut went the door. I went downstairs for 5-10 minutes to make her bottle for nap and collect ducky and check my email. I came back upstairs. Here is my order of events as I saw them.

Diaper off, laying on the floor.

Anne's pants unsnapped hanging open.

Anne running over to her potty, putting her hand in there and saying "Pee pee!"

I went over and looked in her potty and sure enough, she had decided she had to go, unbuttoned her pants, took off her own diaper and peed on her own accord in the potty! Um...she's 22 months. We don't really push the potty at all. I'm pretty sure this is abnormal.

PS. I realize that her putting her hand in the potty is pretty gross. We washed up afterwards. No worries.

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Heather said...

wow--that rocks