Thursday, March 06, 2008

So good!

I can't explain enough how good it feels to have Anne eat something I've prepared for her that is healthy, and to have her eat it heartily. This so rarely happens. We definitely try to have her eat what we eat, but if she's hungry before us or if we want to eat alone without her, she gets spaghetti o's or grilled cheese or mac and cheese or chicken nuggets. So she gets a lot of toddler approved foods. I wish Anne would sit with us all the time and eat cous cous and lentils and barley, but this doesn't always happen. More times than not success at dinner is having her eat 2 bites of what I've prepared. Anyway, this morning I made her up some adult oatmeal (the kind in the packets rather than how I normally make it, which is grinding up old fashioned oats and cooking them for 10 minutes on the stove top.) She choose banana flavored oatmeal. I added several tablespoons of pureed bananas to it. She ate 2 bowls of it readily. Yes! I feel great about this. Even though it's instant oatmeal, I'm pretty sure it's still a whole grain. And she got a serving a fruit in there. Complete success! Great way to start the day!

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Shellie said...

Yes, it is healthy even though it's instant oatmeal. Anne sounds just like Andrina. The only way I can get her to eat her oatmeal cereal is to add milk and A LOT of bananas to it. And even then it's her least favorite food!