Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A draw

I had to take Anne to our friend's for babysitting yesterday. (Our surrogate family friends) We arrived at 3 pm, with Anne having no more than a single bite of waffle in her belly all day long. (Well..plus a cup of juice in the AM and a bottle of milk at nap time-I'm not going to sacrifice a nap to make a point with waffles and not let her have her milk.) Our friend is notoriously famous for completely spoiling Anne, mainly with food. A few months ago, we were told by his wife that he had given Anne ice cream at 5 months old! Yeah...anyway, I told him I really didn't want her to have anything at all until she ate the waffles.

I picked her up at 6 pm. Peaches were on the counter and pizza was supposedly being made. He said she ate her waffles, but I wonder...within a few minutes, Anne ran over to a cabinet and began saying "Cookies!" while pointing. I asked what she was saying and he said "Oh, that's where the cookies are...oh and dog treats...she probably means dog treats..." Why do I have a feeling one attempt at waffles were made, waffles were deposited in the trash and cookies and cheese were had all afternoon...I guess that's what (adopted) family is for, huh?

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Erica said...

I'm sorry you're stuck in this kind of battle with Anne, especially over eating. It's so hard when all we want is what's good for them yet we have so little control. I can't imagine what the teen years will be like! I'm sure God feels this way about us all the time (sadly). It sounds like you have some really good friends though...what a blessing!