Sunday, November 18, 2007

Green Water

John came home yesterday from the Home Depot (his new hang out with Anne on Saturdays) with a low flow shower head. The shower head he got saves 36% water compared with a regular shower head. The one we got sends little tiny beads of water everywhere in such a way that you don't really noticed that you aren't getting as much pressure. (Really, we don't notice that.) The biggest problem with the one we got is that there is a mist all around the main streams and it sort of hits in you the face with every move you make. I have to pretty much shower backwards to avoid it. Also, the little beads do hurt just because I think to make up for the water you're saving, they had to make them hit hard so you don't notice the loss in pressure. However, despite these shortcomings, I think we'll get used to it and I'm excited as the prospect in saving a LOT of money with one of these puppies.

Ps. There had been some bloggings awhile ago about skipping showers or sponge bathing to save some more water for our precious earth. I have started taking my part by not washing my hair on Thursdays. (I'm not sure I can give up a shower a week, just because it's part of my routine and I don't quite feel awake w/o it.) This is a really small step, but it saves me about 5 minutes in the shower and if I wear a ponytail, no one notices. I only do this if I'm not meeting anyone that day, because let's face it, Anne would love me bald so oily hair is okay by her.


Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

Next up: Tankless water heater.

Nicole said...

Whew! The title of this post startled me a little.