Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I don't know how much more of this I can take...

Yesterday our sitter, who we love, called us to say that someone called DCFS on her and since her license for daycare is in the process and is not technically in place, she can only have 3 kids in her home. Thus, Anne can't go there anymore. Come on! Give me a break! You got to be kidding me! This is absolutely ridiculous! I can't believe how many obstacles we are coming up against w/ childcare for Anne. If I could I would just stay home with her, but we need the money. It's a decent chunk we're getting from my job and not disposable yet. The sitter expects to get her license by January, so we have 4 weeks (because I can take 2 off at Christmas) to have someone cover for us and then hopefully we can take her back there. Fortunately I have a lot of time off stored up so I might have to take some days off if we can't find someone on a certain day. Our sort of adopted family that lives close to us volunteered to watch Anne at least for today and most likely until January. It is our friend's mother, who is probably in her mid to late 60s who has volunteered to help us out. We are so grateful that God has provided us excess adopted family in them as they are a really big help to us with Anne a lot. And they love her as if she were a niece or a granddaughter which means so much to us.

So anyway, those who pray, pray that God will cut us some slack in this area and help the license to go through quickly so we can return Anne to where she is happy, healthy and safe for daycare.

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