Saturday, December 06, 2014

Presenting....Our New Family Room!

A little over a month ago a friend inspired me to think about getting a new couch.  John and I had been thinking about it for a while because there was NO seating in our family room for friends.  We ALWAYS had to sit at the kitchen table to socialize.  And even when we were watching TV as family our poor kids had to sit on the floor.  So we started looking into sectionals.  My friend also gave me other suggestions and I started to see some real possibility.  Here's our (pathetic) before picture and I'm sad to say it looked like this for the 8.5 years we lived here.

There used to be a bench along the wall here.  It held all of our board games.

And now for the pretty remarkable (if I do say so myself) transformation!

Our new sectional!  It was $1230 on clearance.  To give perspective almost every single sectional we looked at was over $2500.

We already had the lamps and we switched out the corner table with one we had stored in the garage.  The circular iron work was $15 at Homegoods and the two squares were found at Good Will for only $6!

The painting was another Home Goods find for only $40.  The bookshelf was on sale at Target for only $120.

You can't really see the crate on the floor next to the book case (it's holding the pillows) but it was $25 at Home Goods.  I realize I could have saved $15 or so by buying a rustic one at a craft store and staining it myself but I'm not quite so crafty.  
All in all I think it looks fantastic!  I was pretty amazed what a few little touches and moving things around can do for the room.  I think the only other thing we might do is replace the red curtains with some wooden blinds since they hit the couch in a weird spot.  I'm pretty inspired now to do some more rooms!

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