Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Preserving

Our garden has been very good to us this year-way too good.  We have 3 cucumber plants, 3 zucchini plants, 3 green pepper plants, 4 plum tomato plants, 1 cheery tomato and 1 heirloom tomato.  Plus parsley and basil plants, sweet potatoes (which I will have NO clue how they do for another 6 weeks or so), and our apple tree which currently has half a dozen apples (hoping they grow and ripen this year-the tree is only 2 yrs old).  I have been spending HOURS every day trying to preserve the produce from the garden.  I have probably made a dozen dozen muffins and breads, a dozen meals of soup, half a dozen casseroles....all those have been frozen to eat later.  I have also made 11 jars worth of spaghetti sauce (2 have already been eaten and 9 are frozen) plus all that is shown below:
6 jars salsa
6 jars pizza sauce
6 jars sweet relish
7 jars sour dill relish (tastes like a cross between relish and sauerkraut)
5 jars bread and butter pickles
6 jars dill pickle slices (for sandwiches)

Not shown-5 jars refrigerator pickles

Seriously, I am so exhausted!  All the time! The house is a complete mess but I'm working more than ever before.  I can't wait for garden season to be over and start to reap the benefits of canning and freezing all this produce!

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