Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Woven Sun or Dream Catchers

We were supposed to have a park playdate this morning but it was raining pretty consistently.  My goal this summer is to be more involved with the kids-I tend to let them play by themselves and direct them but not be involved with their playing.  So this summer I'm trying to take time every single day to be involved with them in some way.  So with this morning being scheduled for the park that got rained out it was perfect to spend some time with them and cross off a bucket list item.  We made woven dream/sun catchers. It actually turned out pretty good.  Jamie is 5 and was able to do it mostly by himself with help every few steps.  Libby needed consistent help.  I think anyone younger than 3 might get too frustrated by this activity.  But it was perfect for my kiddos and I LOVE the outcome!

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