Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

The kids and I made up our summer bucket list.  There's a LOT of things on here.  Probably too many things-we'd have to do one of these things every other day to accomplish them-but we'll see how we do.  I know at least some of these things will happen pretty naturally without much planning.  Hopefully we have a busy, fun summer!
  1. Go to the pool 
  2. Slip and Slide out back 
  3. Sprinkler out back 
  4. Pool out back 
  5. Splash Pad at the park 
  6. End of the year reading club pool party 
  7. Go to all of Wesmere parks 
  8. Sponge water fight **
  9. Go to 5 new parks outside of Wesmere 
  10. Saturday mornings at the pool 
  11. Walks in the morning after breakfast 
  12. Nature walk in the woods 
  13. Blueberry picking
  14. Starved Rock 
  15. MI Beach 
  16. Theater Hike 
  17. See all the animals at the zoo 
  18. Arboretum 
  19. Children’s Museum 
  20. Phillips Park Zoo 
  21. Pirate’s Cove 
  22. Blackberry Farm 
  23. Willowbrook Wildlife Center 
  24. Napersettlement 
  25. Kline Creek Farm 
  26.  William L Gregg House (only on Wed afternoons) 
  27. Cosley Zoo 
  28. Movies at the theater 
  29. Storytime at the Library 
  30. Summer reading club 
  31. Library Activities 
  32. Swim Lessons 
  33. Great America 
  34. Mini Golf 
  35. Picnic 
  36. Camping in the backyard 
  37. Pearler beads 
  38. Cereal box weaving 
  39. Wax paper sun catcher ** 
  40. Glue suncatcher ** 
  41. Wine cork boats 
  42. Frozen bugs/toys ** 
  43. Plastic lid sewing card 
  44. Easy bake oven 
  45. Cereal box postcards 
  46. Sun melted crayon candle 
  47. Scavenger hunts 
  48. Giant Ice cube with toys 
  49. Carwash station out back

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