Friday, May 16, 2014

Libby's Meet and Greet

Libby-remember her?  The baby that I gave birth to-what?-yesterday?  Yeah her-she's starting preschool in less then 4 months!  Yep in 4 months all of my children will be in some form of school.  How is this possible?  I know I've said it a lot before but really, time is just going too fast.

It will be interesting to see how Libby does in preschool.  She is a WALL FLOWER in new situations.  She is SOOOOOOO shy!  Which is insane because at home she is the LIFE. OF. THE. PARTY.  For real.  She's hilarious and out going and just super fun.  But get her in a new situation and she won't speak a word or move for an hour.  In fact, my older sister, whom we see at least every month, hasn't heard Libby really talk until the past month or two.  (And she's been talking about a year at least).  Even though Libby is about 99% potty trained for peeing, when she's in a new situation she gets so nervous that she'll actually sit in a corner and wet her pants rather than tell a teacher she needs to go.  I really hope that trait ends in the next 4 months-I would hate to have her sent home or kicked out because she wasn't potty trained.  I hope she warms up to her teachers and classmates quickly and can enjoy herself.

Libby had her meet and greet the other day.  She got to see her classroom, meet her classmates and her teachers.  She actually had a lot of fun.  She wouldn't talk to *anyone* but she LOVED all the new toys.
Jamie and Libby hugging in the hallway of school.  I haven't mentioned it before but these 2 are the very very best of friends.

And I thought this was really cool-I have three pictures of each kid sitting at the same table at preschool  playing with the same play dough.  Incidentally all three kids have had the same teacher for 3 year old preschool in the same room too.  I love that!

What big milestones we have had and have coming this year!

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