Friday, May 16, 2014

Anne's EIGHT!

Anne turned 8 two weeks ago!  I can't believe she's 8 years old!  Nearly a tween.  Only 10 years left til she's an adult.  It seems so unreal that time has gone so fast.  Someone once told me-when she was a baby, I had post partum baby blues, she wouldn't sleep unless I held her-that person told me "the days are long but the years are short" and I thought "YEAH RIGHT!  You aren't sitting here with a baby that will not go to sleep unless I bounce her for 45 minutes and then when I put her down she wakes up after 30 seconds!"  But she was right!  These years have passed So. Very. Fast.  Unreal.

For her birthday we got her an MP3 player.  It's just a little $50 one but she loves it.  She's super into Katy Perry and while some lines and lyrics are questionable, I'm okay with her listening to it.  We downloaded a few songs for her from Katy and from Frozen.  I also surprised her and took her out of school for lunch and took her out to lunch.  She choose such a big girl place too-Subway.  I thought for sure we'd end up at McDonald's.  But she's really trying to embrace being a big kid.  Here's her 8 year old picture-and then a few from years past.  (As always!)
5 years old (What a baby!!)
6 years old (NO teeth!)
7 years old
8 years old (ugh...those bangs!)

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