Friday, January 10, 2014

What We've Been Eating

I meant to take pictures of our food throughout this entire journey but I keep forgetting.  Descriptions of what we've been eating aren't nearly as exciting but I want to supply them nonetheless.

So far we've had 9 dinners.  Here's what we've had:

-3 days we've had frozen soup from the freezer.  I make soup a lot (2-3x a month) and when I do I almost always make enough soup to freeze for a meal.  Soup in general freezes beautifully.

-We had a baked french toast from the bread ends I freeze from each loaf in our freezer.  I always take the end of loaves and freeze them in a bag.  When the bag gets full enough I make a baked french toast or a breakfast casserole.  Usually that just involves eggs, milk and maybe some cheese or veggies.  Super easy and economical.

-One night we had a pasta dish.  I already had the pasta and part of the sauce and the ground beef.  All I needed to add was cheese and a can of tomatoes.  That dish cost us an extra $2 in ingredients.  We have about 4 lunches of leftovers too.

-We had stacked tortillas. This involved refried beans, salsa, cheese.  All those I already had (the cheese was from the recipe above).  I just needed to buy corn tortillas (which Aldi sells authentic ones for only $.33 a dozen!!!!).  The recipe alternated a layer of beans, a layer of corn, salsa and cheese.  Repeat as many layers as you want.  It was so easy and so very yummy!

-I was able to try out a pintrest recipe.  I had some leftover frozen meatballs from Christmas and some frozen french bread.  I found a recipe for a meatball sub casserole.  It was SO good!  I needed to buy some cream cheese and mozarella cheese but I had everything else on hand.  $4 in extra ingredients and again we have 2-3 lunches worth of leftovers.

-Finally last night I had a premade frozen meal in the freezer.  I had done a bit of freezer cooking this summer so I still had a meal in there from then.  (I personally don't notice quality degrade from longer term freezing).  I threw in some sweet potatoes-again, we had those on hand-still leftover from our garden!  And our meal was complete.

Its amazing how well and how cheaply we've been eating.  I always knew I had some odds and ends of food but no clue how much I could make into meals without actually buying many ingredients at all.

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Nicole said...

I am interested in this baked french toast...what do you do???