Thursday, January 02, 2014

No Spending-Day 2

Today I didn't do much formal for the no spending.  Other than getting the pantry in order, organizing the house and selling things you don't use there isn't a ton of tasks that I'll be doing.

Today I had all 3 kids home with me. Jamie had gymnastics and then after we went to the library. Headed home after that and spent the rest of the day at home.  Pretty typical since it was in the teens and snowing most of the day.  The thing I was most surprised about today was how often I *would* have spent without thinking.  At gymnastics they have a vending machine and it would have been so easy to buy a bag or two of chips.  At the library I walked past the used book sale ready to browse and buy until I remembered.  On the way home, feeling lazy and uninspired, and coupled with it being noon I would have easily bought the kids lunch.  Not to mention we were having chili tonight (a frozen meal I made a few months back), and I wanted chips with it and I promised the kids we'd decorate cupcakes to look like Mickey Mouse.  So I normally would have stopped at the store for some chips and Oreo cookies and made sure to fill my cart with a dozen things not on the list.

But at every turn I stopped myself and didn't spend.  And I survived.  The hardest was the grocery store-which I didn't go to at all.  I get so stuck on what I want the meal to look like that I can rarely let go of that.  But we didn't even miss having tortilla chips in our chili.  It was completely fine.  Today I easily saved myself $20 or more.  A few days ago I could have dropped all that money and not even remembered where it went.  But today I realized how much I do that.  Just think-$20 a day times 30 days-that could mean $600 a month I could easily be spending and not even know it!  How easy to rationalize that the vending machine is only a $1.  The used books only a few bucks.  The stuff at the grocery store is food we'll eat and the lunch out is special.  I wonder what other things await me as we get further in on this.

2 days down.  Still zero dollars spent.

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