Friday, January 03, 2014

Day 3

Today was another easy day.  We didn't leave the house (it's a windchill of below zero out there!) so there was zero temptation to buy anything outside.

The main thing I did today was to plan out the grocery shopping for the week.  I already have all our meals mapped out and most of them require zero extra ingredients.  So I made a detailed list (along w/ approximate prices) of what I need to get next week to complete the meals.  The total is $25.50 in extra ingredients.  I also thought ahead to lunch and snacks and came up with a very short list that totals another $10 in food.  So hopefully that means I actually only spend under $40 on groceries this week.  Tomorrow I'll probably pick it all up and I will be leaving my credit cards in the car and walking in with hard cold cash.  Hopefully it works out!

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