Friday, February 08, 2013

January Resolution Recap

I've been very excited about January ending because I have been doing so well on my resolutions!  I've been anxiously awaiting being able to do a blog recap of my month-and now!  Here I am!  Here's how my January went-successes first!

1.  We have exclusively started buying Organic Valley Milk.  Unfortunately, even though it said on their website, my local Walmart does *not* carry this brand of gallon milk.  There is a new store on the corner that does (though it's hit or miss if it's in stock) and a health food store just a few minutes from our house that carries it as well.  So I've been going out of my way to get it from those two places.  In addition, ebay has been having lots and lots of coupons for one free Organic Valley product so I've been able to buy coupons at about $3 each, making my gallon of milk about $3 each.  Not really anymore than conventional milk.  The coupons all expire on 4/30 so we'll see how it goes once my supply of cheap milk dries up (pun intended).

2.  I was able to eat completely meat free while eating out in January.  I ate out probably 8 times (mostly due to being at the Dells) and was able to find quite easily meat free options.  For the time being I'm going to continue eating meat free while eating out for the month of February too.  I also found out that Chipoltle treats their pork and beef humanely (as humanely as a fast food place can).  So I will allow myself to eat meat there, though I haven't yet.

3.  I have continued with monthly budgeting things for January.  Still waiting to see the huge payoff but at least I'm trying.

4.  I have been reading my Bible-I knew daily wasn't a realistic option so I found a 100 day plan.  If I read just 2x a week I'd be done in a year.  So far in Jan I only read 5x but that is 5x more than zero so honestly, I'll take it.  Considering 6 mos ago I hadn't picked up my Bible in a year practically this is huge improvement.

5.  John and I did great on our dates last month.  Our date out we did a dinner and movie and for our date in we did wine and cheese by the fire.  We are hoping to make our date out this weekend (dinner and walmart shopping-trust me that is a date!) and a date in later this month (hoping for take out and putting together a puzzle....okay I realize that those two dates make us sound like we're 70 years old....but well that's how we roll right now.)

For the not sucesses

1.  I have not been drinking more water.  I was really good the first week or so-I noticed clearer skin, less mindless munching...but haven't stuck with it.  It's just really hard to remember.  Honestly there are days I get to 1pm and realize all I've had to drink is coffee.  Hopefully I can get better about this.

2.  I have not started any of the 2 projects I wanted to-but not necessarily a failure because I still have 11 months to complete this.

So really it was a good month last month!  Let's hope this sort February is just as good!

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