Monday, February 04, 2013

Doll Mattress

A sewing mom I am not.  I wish I was.  I would like to be.  But right now in my life is not the time for me to learn.  I suppose I'll learn to be a fabulous sewer just in time for grandchildren.

On Pintrest I saw a super cute doll bunk bed idea.  Anne has a date with dad coming up next weekend and one of her choices was to do a woodworking project with him.  We found this idea on pintrest and she decided that's what she'd do with him.  I really wanted to make her a mattress or a blanket to go with it but I knew I couldn't do it if it involved sewing.  I figured I'd just leave it and she'd find another way to make her doll bed comfy for her dolls.

But then I saw a blanket I was going to donate to goodwill and it came to me to use that to make a mattress.  I've made those fleece tie blankets before I thought I could make a small one and just stuff it with stuffing.  It turned out perfect!  It's shaped more like a pillow but it's thin and will work as a mattress.

I started out by cutting all the strips needed.  I made my strips 1.5 inches wide and eye-balled how long to make them.  When I started tying them I realized they were too short so I just cut them longer.  I'd say that the length of this piece of fabric was probably 22-24 inches.  The width doesn't matter as much since your doll is sure to fit no matter how wide or skinny it is.

Here it is with all the sides tied except the side on the left-I left an opening ready to stuff it with stuffing.

Completed mattress!
And here is Marie-Grace enjoying her bed!
So the total cost for 2 mattresses (they are making bunk beds after all) was only $4.  I used a blanket we already had and it was the perfect size to make 2 mattresses.  All I had to buy was the stuffing which was about $4 for the bag.  I only used about 1/3 of the bag so actually the cost was less than $2 for 2 mattresses. 

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Nicole said...

Awesome! I am not sure if I would've come up with that idea!
And what a cute idea for Anne to have a date day with her dad.