Thursday, September 27, 2012

When you are older...

Anne when you are older and about to pull your hair out because your daughter won't eat....I'll understand.  I'll come over and take her to my house and feed her pudding and cookies and bring her back and tell you I fed her spinach and broccoli.  And you can sigh a sigh of relief because she ate a good meal and she can sigh a sigh of relief because she was pardoned and I can sigh a sigh of relief because I helped my baby and her baby avoid frustration.

Jamie when your little boy hits you because he is mad at you, you can call me up and I will tell you that you did it too.  And I'll tell you the story about today and how your cried and cried for getting scolded and how when I hugged you all better all I could think about was your sweet little boy chubby cheeks.  And you can take a deep breath and deal with your son better knowing you were once there and that it will soon be gone.  And that will be good and bad.

Libby when you have three kids and realize that you haven't done more than carry your third one around from place to place all week I will come over and play with your other two kids.  We will bake and make a mess and I will clean it up with them.  And you can take your third born baby upstairs to her room and cuddle her and read to her and clap and laugh as you rediscover what an amazing person she is.  And your eyes will tear up because you forgot that and almost missed it. 

Oh how frustrating a day.  A non eating girl.  A hitting boy.  A neglected baby.  Lots of tears from everyone, most of all Mama.  But when my kids are grown, calling me up, bringing their little ones to me for some relief, I will go instantly back to this moment and wish it back, troubles and all.  I love my sweet little ones.  I love their chubby cheeks.  I love their messy hair.  I love their dirty feet and legs and hands.  I will miss it so desperately one day.  And so despite today...I will go hug them each tighter.  Kiss each cheek one more time.  Read an extra story.  Because it will soon be gone.


Nicole said...

OMG. I am sitting here fighting back tears after our dinner time. This week Leo is avoiding most foods that aren't, well, crap. I'm so frustrated. I will re-read this tomorrow & know I will very much appreciate it. It's really beautifully written. And a very good point/reminder. In the thick of it, I'm still frustrated. And to top it off, frustrated that I'm frustrated, if that makes sense.

Grendma in Kansas said...

You are the perfect mother that i want for my Grandchilchildren. You are a blessing!