Sunday, September 09, 2012


Libby is wobbling on the edge of leaving her babyhood behind and becoming a toddler.  Despite being 14 months old she's holding on as tight as she can to staying a baby and let me tell you, that is okay with me!  I love that I get a few extra months to cuddle her, nurse her, and carry her around (because she absolutely refuses to even try to walk!).  I feel really lucky that she hasn't jumped in with two feet into becoming a toddler the day she turned 12 months.

But....she is getting closer to becoming a toddler.  She has said 3 words now-Kitty, Poo Poo and Butt (she does have 2 older siblings OBSESSED with potty words!).  She also, yesterday in fact, was cruising on the couch without even knowing it.  She has started playing actual games with her siblings-they chased each other around the house for 10 minutes the other day and she frequently plays other copy-cat/attention getting games with us.  I love it.  Tonight though, tonight was special-tonight Libby and I had our first conversation!  After her nap I happened to play "Dump truck" with her.  It's  a song that you sing while bouncing your baby on your lap.  At the end you "dump" the baby backwards.  I've played it with her a dozen times or more before but for some reason today it struck her differently.  After I sang and dump her a few times I sat her back up and she started to bounce and say "da da!  da da!"  (dump truck).  I couldn't believe it!  She was actually asking me to play the game again with her!  It gets even sweeter.  Hours later I was putting her to bed and we normally end the night with her sitting on my lap, facing me, and rocking.  Well tonight when I started to do this she sat up and started bouncing and saying "Da da!  Da da!" She had remembered 3 hours before playing and wanted to do it again.  I told her "No, it's Nite, nite" and she continued to ask for it over and over-even shaking her head no when I told her no.  This is a really big step for the little girl who 2 weeks ago wasn't saying anything resembling a word.  I love it. 

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