Thursday, June 28, 2012


My darling, precious Libby who has been such an amazing blessing to our family,

This week was your birthday!  You are now ONE!  It is so hard to believe that a year has passed since your birth.  I vividly remember sitting with you in the NICU praying for you to get better and come home.  I used to think that maybe, just maybe, my mother's love would be enough to heal you.  In fact, I used to lay my hand on your back, fingers spread, touch firm, and will my love to go from my body into yours in hopes you would heal faster.  I did not think the day would ever come when you would be home with us and be a normal baby.  And then came the day and you were home!  On the day you came home, Daddy went down and got the car ready and waiting.  A nurse buckled you in your seat and carried you down to the car.  8 flights down in an elevator.  My breath held every second terrified something would happen in those last few minutes that would prevent you from leaving.  Then daddy strapped you into the car and I sat in back next to you.  The door was shut and we drove off, feeling like we had just stolen something and would get caught any second.  But we didn't.

We got home and I was more scared with you that I was with your brother and sister combined, times two!  Every few minutes I put my hand on your chest to make sure you were breathing.  Even when I was carrying you in my arms or the sling those first few weeks I would stop and put my hand on you to make sure you were okay.  I remember the first night you were home and I was feeding you-finally able to nurse you and take care of you because you were MY baby not the hospital's-and I felt the mothering hormones literally surging through my body.  And I knew that all was alright and as it was supposed to be. 

As the days turned into weeks and months that you were home with us, you made our family become even more of a family.  We have been more complete with you than we ever could have been without you.  I think, were you not here, had we decided to stop at only 2 children, we would have known YOU were missing.  You have made our hearts and home and arms so very full and so very very happy and blessed. 

You have been the most fantastic baby.  Unbelievable.  We got spoiled.  You are almost never fussy.  Any crying you do is so quickly calmed and it's always for a reason.  You are so sweet and chill and laid back.  You can honestly sit in one spot, with one toy, and be happy for an hour.  Everyone without exception, who spends time with you comments on what a great baby you are.  I get stopped in the store constantly by strangers telling me what a sweet baby you are.  That they have never seen such a good natured or happy baby.  You have made having 3 children easy as pie and just as delicious!

My darling precious Libby, on this week of your birth, I want you to know how much I love you.  You have filled my heart to the point where it overflows.  I love you without being able to put it into words.  Even using the word "love" is laughable because it cannot come close to how I actually feel about you.  Your sister, Anne, loves you.  She wakes up and firsts thinks of you.  She runs to see you and say hi and kiss you.  Your brother, Jamie, loves you.  He and Anne fight about who gets to be the one to wakes you from your nap and play with you.  Your father loves you.  He often looks over at you and gets a wistful look in his eye and says "I love her babe.  She's such a good baby."  And you are.  You have been the best blessing we could have ever asked for.  All of us in this Atwood Family of  Five love you and are so grateful for this first year of your life.  Thank you for blessing us with YOU.

My love, always and forever,

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