Saturday, June 23, 2012

Better than a lemonade stand

Both the kids had day camp this week.(As you know).  This was Anne's first and only week.  She went to an art camp.  We picked this one because it was really the only option available to use (right days, right times, right price) but it worked out because if I had to pick one activity Anne enjoys and excels at, it's arts and crafts.  She loves to hole herself up somewhere for hours at a time creating projects. So this was her cup of tea.  At the end of the week, as I was walking her home, we got the idea that we should do an art show.  This consists of hanging her pictures (and Jamie's) on the wall art gallery style.  Then one of us-I think me-got the idea to add a sign at the end that says:  "Donations for starving artists".  Since Libby's party is today, we have a captive audience for our art show.  Daddy and I have already seen the show and donated but Anne is quite excited to show it off to all our guests today and see if she gets any donations.  Fortunately for our patrons, neither of my kids knows the difference between a penny or a $20 bill.  So even if someone put in a penny they'd both be thrilled!  Don't you think this is a way better idea than a lemonade stand?  I do!

How could anyone resist??

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Nicole said...

How fun! I know I always say (write) it but Anne looks SO grown up!! And it's cute that she's so excited. The pictures look great in that hallway. Neat idea! I'm sure it made the kids feel so special.