Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Anne started T-Ball last week. Anne is and always has been very complacent, go with the flow, not a lot of emotion kinda girl. So even though we've tried lots of activities and sports (Gymnastics, soccer, ballet, tap, swimming and now t-ball), she hasn't really *loved* any of them. She tolerates them but why would I pay money and spend time (lots of time-driving, being there during the lesson, not to mention the time it takes to gather kids together and rearrange my schedule to get her there) when she doesn't *love* something? I think because I've complained about this out loud several times to her, she has said she likes T-Ball. She even said she wants to do it next year. Anne isn't very athletic but I think she can do well in T-Ball. John and I both saw marked improvement in her throwing in just one week.

We'll have to see what happens when the weather warms up and her performance isn't impacted so much by shivering to stay warm!

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