Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's not *all* about her....

I know this blog has seemed (or actually has?) to focus on one particular member of this family the past 9 months. It's pretty amazing that a person that weighs less than 15lbs, is barely 2 feet tall and cannot do one single thing to sustain her life on her own can take over a person's heart, mind and home so fully but she has.

Please know that it isn't at all that I love Libby more or that I ignore my other 2 amazing children. I don't. I think it's the combo of 1. pretty much every single day of their lives the first year a baby is doing something new. (For example-just this week alone, Libby learned to say "mama", bang blocks together, went to eating 3 full meals a day of baby food, AND she's trying to clap!) The older kids....they're lucky if they do something new once a month! 2. I am still post-partum. Granted she's 9 months old but still, those hormones from birthing her are still going strong and full force. I still look at her and feel the mothering hormone start to pump through my veins. I still look at her and my heart melts. That's the beauty of being a mom to a baby. God has set it up that we adore them and that they can do no wrong probably because if we didn't they just might not survive.... And finally the third reason this blog seems to be all about her lately is 3. It took a lot to get her home. I'm still grateful for her every single day of her life. Every day that I nurse her to sleep I pray and thank God that she's here with us. I really think had she been born at home and stayed home like the other 2 this infatuation with her would have worn off by now. But it's still quite fresh.

So, just wanted to remind you that even though it seems it's all about her lately-it isn't. I promise. Anne and Jamie still do things daily that make my heart melt and make me grab them, bear hug them and whisper in their ears that they are the best girl and boy in the entire universe and that I love them fiercely with every beat of my heart.

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Nicole said...

Question: So, she's eating 3 meals a you still nurse her before or after she eats solids? We've been giving Leo about 1.5-2 Tbsp of whatever the food of the week is and then about a half hour later, I nurse him. I notice that he's chubbin' out. (Which I know is good, but I don't want to overfeed him. He also spits up pretty frequently which leads me to believe it might be too much food.)