Monday, February 27, 2012


This morning we tried Libby on oatmeal. It's been 2 weeks since the first time she tried food. She had 6 days of food-4 days of banana and 2 days of avocado-when we realized she was backed up. So she hasn't had food in about a week and a half now. She is cleared out and has had several normal BMs for her. So this morning we decided to try oatmeal with her. I did buy the store bought stuff even though I usually make baby food. I figured it might be even more refined and help it pass better. I decided to try oatmeal because I have read that it's a food that doesn't usually constipate.

I have to say, Libby took it REALLY well! 2 weeks ago when she first tried food she kept sticking her tongue out. That's usually a sign that she isn't ready for food. She did it most of the time all 6 days of eating food. Today she did not do that at all She opened her mouth, took it off the spoon (last time I had to let her suck on the spoon to get her to take it), and she opened her mouth for more every time the spoon came near her. I am so pleased to see such a big difference in just 2 weeks! Let's hope that this means she'll be good to go on baby food from now on!

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Nicole said...

Yay Libby! Glad it went better!