Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New *Quick and Easy* Meal of the Week

A friend of mine does a New Meal of the Week post every so often (we both have kids, so those of you reading with kids know that "of the week" is code for "whenever I get a chance to do more than just catch my breath"). I am in a stage/funk where I'm finding it hard to find inspiration and motivation to cook more than 10 minutes at a time. I think it's a combo of being tired at the end of the day and the last thing I want to do for an hour is cook, having a baby who likes to start her witching hour at 5 pm-the exact time I start dinner, and kids that no matter what I make act like I am spoon feeding them wall paper paste.

So since Christmas I've been looking for E.A.S.Y. and quick meals. I thought it might be nice to post some of those for you-to at least give you a jumping off place on where you might be able to do a quick and easy meal.

So without further adieu-the first installment of...

Quick and Easy Meal of the Week!

Creamy and Cheesy Pasta

-1 can cream soup (I had a homemade version of this-it's easy to google it and find a recipe-so showing is the powdered mix that I mixed with milk to make a substitute can of creamed soup)
-1 8oz container cream cheese
-Any spices/herbs of your liking (I had some Tastefully Simple Italian-type-seasoning to use up)
Cooked Pasta (for serving)
1. Combine ingredients except pasta into a saucepan or a mini-slow cooker. Mix together, stirring as cream cheese starts to melt. If you are using a mini-slow cooker, it will cook on high for about 1.5 hrs or low for at least 3.

2. Once melted/combined well and heated through, pour over pasta and serve!
We served this with easy baked tomatoes. Halve and seed whatever tomatoes you have around. Stuff with bread crumbs (you can add herbs or Parmesan cheese if you like), and drizzle with Italian dressing or any other vinaigrette. Bake for about 15 minutes at 350. They turn into almost a tomato butter-very soft and almost sweet. Yum!

If you decide to try out this recipe, make sure to add salt to your liking. I found it needed quite a bit, but you may have a saltier can of soup than I did. Also, feel free to add in more cheese-Parmesan or Mozzarella would be lovely!

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Nicole said...

YUM! Thanks for sharing! I loved & laughed out loud at the "code for whenever I get a chance to do more than just catch my breath."