Friday, December 09, 2011


Today I was playing Barbies with Anne. She pretended that one of the characters fell off a house and died (side note-it's pretty amazing how Anne's plots have crazy twists and turns that come out of no where, lead to nothing and are beyond belief). I (the mother character), went to grieve and when I came back my daughter was gone(unbeknownst to me she had somehow gone into the ocean and turned into a mermaid-duh). Like any good mother I called the police. When the police officer arrived, I told him that my daughter had fallen off a house and died but her body was gone. The rest went like this:

He said (and his character was played by Anne): "Well, she went into Heaven".
Mother: "Her body too?"
Police officer: "Yes, that happens all the time in my world."
Mother: "It doesn't in mine."
Police officer: "Well, have you ever heard of the man who died on a cross? He died so that we don't have to die on a cross. We just get to go to heaven. You just have to believe in Him and when you die you get to go to heaven. It's easy. Otherwise you have to have holes in your body before you can go to Heaven."

While her theology has some holes in it, I was surprised and pleased and so happy to hear that she has the basic concept of Christian salvation down. Of course this makes me happy as a Christian, but I'm also amazed on an intellectual level that she is able to some-what understand this. By the way, wasn't is nice of that police officer to witness to the mother? We should all be like that!

Nice job Anne!

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Nicole said...

This is so sweet April.