Sunday, December 25, 2011

Half a year!

Libby is 6 months old! Half a year! Wow! How did that happen? How did 7 weeks in the hospital seem like an eternity (truly-an eternity!) and yet the past 4.5 months at home have passed like a blink of an eye! I LOVE to see Libby grow-with every baby I have, I notice their development more and more so it's so much fun to see all that Libby is learning but I am so sad that she's half way to leaving her babyhood behind. She is an AMAZING baby! She is so sweet and cuddly and easily comforted. She loves to be held and nursed and rocked and talked to. She loves to stare at you, and smile and coo. She loves to put toys and her fingers and your fingers and most recently her toes in her mouth. It's so sad to me to think that in another blink of an eye (6 more months) I'll be celebrating her birthday. If I could bottled up even one day with her as a baby and save it forever I would. I love you so very much baby girl. More than you will know-in fact you can't know how much I love you until you are holding your own precious baby in your arms. I love you sweetie! You are one of the best blessings and gifts I've ever gotten in my life. I am grateful for you every second of the day. I am so in love with you I don't know how I ever made it without you. Hugs and kisses and happy 6 months!

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