Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She's Home!

Libby is home!

Which is why I don't have any time to blog about it! Libby came home 12 days ago. It was quite a whirlwind of emotion. I was pretty nervous the entire first 2 days she was home. I would actually stop and put my hand on her about every 30 minutes, regardless of where she was, just to make sure she was breathing. (In fact, I still do that but I've pared it down to when she's sleeping.) Now I have gotten used to her and feel very comfortable with her.

The kids love her-Jamie is infatuated with her. His first words when he wakes up are that he wants to go see "Bibby". Every time he has something new, he has to run over and show her, even if he just picked up a new toy to play with from his pile of toys in his room. I love it and I really hope that it continues and she and Jamie have a special bond as they grow. Anne loves her too. Anne is a little mother so she's always running over and talking to Libby in an adorable high pitched voice. She is my go with the flow girl so as with everything, she has taken Libby being home in stride, without missing a beat.

I love having her home. I wasn't able to truly bond with her in the hospital or in fact to truly love her while she was there. Now that she's home, I am so in love with her. I am able to enjoy her in a way I wasn't able to with the other 2 kids. Probably because we spent so much time apart. I don't mind when she needs me to hold her for an hour so she can nap. I don't mind rocking her for half an hour, putting her down to sleep and having to go back in and rock her 5 minutes later when she startles awake. It doesn't bother me when she needs to be worn in the sling because putting her down means she screams her head off. She is teaching me to let go of my control and enjoy her. I am loving it. I feel so blessed to have her and I know the 7 weeks of pain and tears and fears and questioning and wondering and waiting were worth it because in the end I got Libby. I know this babymoon won't last forever but I am certainly enjoying it while I have it.

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