Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School for Buddy

Anne started kindergarten last week and Jamie was devastated. We walked her to school and the entire time he kept saying he wanted to go too. I told him that he couldn't go and it was just for Anne. He must have thought there was still hope because as soon as our house came into view, he lost it. He fell to the ground and sobbed and screamed that he wanted to go. Total melt down. Poor guy. For the entire rest of the day and the next all he could keep saying was he wanted to go too. He'd be in the middle of playing and turn to me with the saddest look on his face and say "I want to go to kindergarten too". So to pacify him we reminded him that he would start preschool Sunday school that week! He is 2 and it's the start of a new school year so he got to move up a classroom at church. Birth to age 2 is in a nursery but age 2 and up are in real classes. Jamie's class has play time, a story, a snack and then a craft. John and I take a Sunday school class too so Jamie's total time in his "preschool" is about 2.5 hours, similar to real preschool. When Bible study starts up again in 2 weeks Jamie gets to do "preschool Kids' club", which is the identical format for about 2 hours. So even though school is officially another year off for him, at least he gets to put his toe in and be a big boy 2x a week.
Jamie's first day of preschool Sunday School!

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