Friday, August 05, 2011

Naughty Anne'cdotes

We were leaving Meijer (the greatest grocery store on earth for those with kids) today and Anne saw the carts w/ the TVs in them. She said she wanted to go in one and trying to justify why I could never spend $1 on a cart just so she could watch TV while I shopped for 45 minutes I told her those carts were only for naughty kids, for the kids that wouldn't listen to their parents and needed TV to keep them contained. (Before you send hate mail-I realize this isn't a true statement and more accurately they are for parents that just need a break from kids for a while and peace and quiet to shop while they have kids with them-but the naughty excuse is what came to mind so I went with it.) I told Anne that I have good kids who listen to me so we didn't need a cart like that. I asked her what kind of kid she thought Libby would be-good or naughty and she said:
"I hope she's naughty." And I said, "Anne! Why?" To which she replied: "So we can ride in a cart like that." Ahh, smart one she is. Not much gets by her...

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The Hardys said...

I hope she's naughty too ;).....but I'm pretty sure she'll be nice