Monday, July 18, 2011

Silly good things

Silly good things that happened today:

-I forgot my book on tape at home which forced me to listen to WMBI (Christian talk radio) on the way in. I heard some great encouragement that I desperately needed. I felt like God was orchestrating it right there. He hasn't forgotten me.
-I got a parking space on the 3rd floor! This is unheard of on a weekday at the hospital.
-Lunch was really, really, super tasty. Chicken gyros and super tasty waffle fries. And Diet Pepsi mixed with Dr. Pepper. Yummy.
-Libby had really nice awake time. She's only really had that once or twice since she's been born (for me at least). I LOVED getting to look into her open eyes. She's such a sweetheart...I am so in love with her...I cannot wait to sling her, bring her home and hang out with her all day long!

In this time where I could easily, so very easily, fall into the dark fog of sadness that wants to take me, I think it's important to think about these silly little good things that happen every day.


Nicole said...

I agree. Been thinking about you.

Have you thought about keeping some kind of journal for Libby while she's in the NICU? You could have A & J contribute to it too by coloring some pictures for her (before or after your writings for the day). And John of course could write to her if he's into that. Right now, it'd be mostly for you but I'm sure she'd appreciate it when she's older. I know what a writer you are.

Laura said...

glad to hear about a good moment here and there. Store them up, momma! Love an prayers coming your way.