Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sharing a room

A few weeks ago we repainted Jamie's room, bought some storage cubbies and moved Anne in. Let me say, honestly, both kids were ecstatic to do it! Anne is still young enough that she gets along well with Jamie and has no need of extensive personal space. Jamie is even younger and loves spending every second with Anne. She's his playmate and best friend after all. Since they've moved in together, I have to admit, it's been rocky getting them to sleep. They don't fight and they don't play and they don't get out of bed (thankfully Jamie is still in his crib). What they do do however, is talk and yell and jump and sing and generally make noise. Jamie's always had a hard time falling asleep at night. Usually he talks to himself for an hour or so before falling asleep. Anne also usually has a hard time falling asleep. It takes her probably 30 minutes or so on average. So combine those two and falling asleep takes over an hour. We've had to go up nearly every night 2 or 3 times and tell Jamie to be quiet and stop jumping and kicking his crib and yelling and laughing and singing.

The room is not quiet finished yet. We anticipate buying bunk beds for the kids sometime after Halloween. We figure the baby will be 3 months old at that point and ready for a crib (as opposed to a bassinet or pack and play) and Jamie will be over 2 and a half and ready to (hopefully but who am I kidding?) be in a big boy bed. So once that's in hopefully there's a bit more play space. Right now it's crowded but neither kid seems to mind, so we're good.

Painting the dots on the wall. I thought by doing this and leaving the yellow that had been there we'd be saving time. Not so much. Painting these dots took about 4 hours. Straight. No real break except at lunch to eat a sandwich in 15 minutes. It was a long afternoon.
Done with the dots! They are on 3 full walls and the 4th wall that has the closet and door on it is painted green mainly to cover up some fumbles we had getting the wall paper boarder off.

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Grandma said...

Nice job, April & John!